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Pistacio ltd was established in early 2015. Company was founded after different years of working in real estate, but also working in the field of tourism operations, web design and development and guests relations, learning to provide exceptional services to the clients. The establishment of the company was a start of applying of gained knowledge and experiences with desire to offer higher standards and quality of our services, always bearing in mind the needs of our clients.

web design

We love and enjoy new technologies and new challenges too. Today, a hobby of development and “ web design ” of web pages has expanded to business, Web pages we produce are based on WordPress Content management system. WordPress platform was choosen due to the excellent possibilities of adapting to the needs and wishes of our clients and easy maintenance and upgrades, 43% of all websites run on WordPress (source w3techs.com)..

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We develop web sites ranging from simple presentation web pages to interactive multilingual portals where users can actively modify content. Website are responsive and tailored to large and small screens (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone). The number of images, the volume of text, color palette, translations into foreign languages are not limited and web sites fully adapt to clients’ needs. Web sites and development of the web pages is based on the WordPress open source CMS (content management system). User can easily modify and add content. Our web sites are simple to use and intuitive and very easy to update or alternate web page content. Price range depends on the needs and complexity of the page. What we offer: # Web design and Web Site Development. # Implementation of CMS system for content management. # Creating a Web Store (Web Shop) # SEO Optimization # Website maintenance and / or data entry With a website you can simply present your services, products and / or business through text, media (images and videos), landing pages. Today, the presence on the Internet is necessary for every form of bussines activity. According to some sources, even 82% of the customers or users checks the product/service online before purchasing it. Link to article. Your website works for you even when you are not in the shop / office. 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Website is the most affordable tool and the basis of any serious advertising. In the digital era we live in, the absence of digital advertising ie. Business without being on the Internet is just hard to imagine. Therefore you do not have a website? Contact us! We can help you at fair prices.


Multilingual CMS system, booking calendar, search engine, optimization

Multilingual CMS system, optimization

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